About Me

In the end, giving back, returning the favour, doing your bit, providing a laugh, a smile and a good feeling, they’re all pretty good things right? And in the end, no one can deny that that perfect piece of cake, slice of warm bread or dainty macaroon is often just the tip of the day and the pick me up that people need to smile over their cup of tea. I love that the effort of baking can be tasted in the food and people seem to appreciate the time and toil that goes in by properly enjoying the end result.

I am Lizzie Jones, a 23 year old, MRes Advanced Biological Science student and BSc Zoology graduate of the University of Southampton in Hampshire, starting a PhD at Royal Holloway, London in 2017! I have a variety of passions and loves, ranging from photography and travel to horse riding and running, but ultimately it is either my study of conservation ecology or my procrastination in the kitchen that vie for the top spot.

From the very beginning of my study the ecology and evolution track was my design and have since narrowed this to conservation ecology, having completed research in South Africa the past summer to write my dissertation on the causal links between elephant damage as habitat engineers and the changes in ecosystem health indicated by winter bird populations. I hope to complete a PhD in the field of ecology, specifically in finding the balance between ecosystem service provisioning whilst maintaining or promoting local biodiversity. If this is possible, ecosystem function may be improved with the overall aim to provide a higher performing system, able to supply a high level of services sustainably.

Additionally my love of travel inspires many posts, hopefully giving some savvy inspiration and advice to those who are in the planning. Mainly I am to combine and convey my passions with pretty pictures and methodical recipes because as Gusteau said, “Anyone can cook!” (and conserve :P)



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey hey, your first comment, this is an exciting and historic moment šŸ˜€ If you go into plugins, add new and search for traffic counter you can install a counter that shows how many hits your pages have had and how many individuals have seen the site šŸ˜€ that’s the only useful thing I have to say… I’m jealous you’re page is nicer than mine, and better written, very glad you decided to do this ( I’m not even jealous I promise šŸ˜€ ). Also it asks for your website… I never noticed that, guess that explains some of my weird comments on mine


    1. Yaaaaaaaaaaay very glad you are my first commenter, I definitely approve! Thankyou for the advice I’ll get right on it and love, your page is significantly better and more presentable, I certainly can’t show this to a potential employer, they’ll think I’m baking on my ‘sick days’!


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