Roasted Strawberry Tart with Blueberry and Cardamom


tart 1_edited


tart 3_edited

Roasting fresh Kentish strawberries in honey and aromatic cardamom creates the perfect combination. Add a regal purple stain from the blueberries and then you’re really talking. The rich cardamom spices up the summery berries making this a real showstopper and with spring just trying to peek out from behind this clouds,  this roasted strawberry and cardamom tart is a great dessert to round off any dinner party or fancy Sunday roast.



For the roasted strawberries:

  • 1 large punnet of strawberries
  • 1 tbsp honey

For the sauce:

  • 50g blueberries
  • 50 ml honey
  • 1 tbsp soft brown sugar
  • 1 tsp gelatin


Preheat the oven to 200C/180C fan.

First of all roll out the pastry (I used a block of bought short-crust pastry, chilled) to approximately 4mm thick and lay over a 24cm pie/tart tin, ideally loose-bottomed to prevent any issues after baking. Carefully press the pastry into the corners of the tin then trim the excess from the edges.


Prick the base of the tin, cover with a sheet of baking parchment then blind bake using dried beans or baking beads for approximately 12 minutes until lightly golden. Remove from the oven  and set aside.


Meanwhile, prepare the strawberries by washing and hulling them, before slicing in half or quarters to create equal sized pieces. Transfer to a small roasting dish and bake in the preheated oven for 5 mins to soften.


Carefully arrange the roasted strawberries in the part-baked tart case and bake the tart for an extra 15 minutes until the pastry is golden and crispy. Remove and set aside still in the case.


In a small saucepan heat the blueberries, honey, sugar, gelatin and cardamom seeds over a medium heat and bring to the boil briefly. Leave to cool an check after 5 minutes, if it’s starting to thicken the gelatin has done the job so pour evenly over the strawberries. Either refrigerate until needed or serve at room temperature with a neat spoon of thick Greek yoghurt.

tart 4_edited

tart 2_edited


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