Rocky Road Bars


A simple but ridiculously tasty treat that is quick and easy to make. Perfect as a gift, a snack or in a lunchbox, no-one will complain about having a batch of these lying around the kitchen!


    • 100g mini marshmallows


  1. Smash the chocolate into small chunks within the packet or chop up with a knife.
  2. Melt the butter, and golden syrup in a saucepan. Add it to the chopped chocolate and leave to melt into a rich, smooth mixture, stirring to make sure there are no lumps.rocky road 2
  3. Scoop out about ¼ of the melted mixture and spread it across the bottom of whichever cake pan, dish or mould you wish to use.
  4. Put the mixed nuts into a lip lock bag and then break them into pieces with a rolling pin. Add the cookies or biscuits and have another quick bash to keep some larger chunks.
  5. rocky road 1Fold the cookie and nut pieces into the remaining melted chocolate mixture in the mixing bowl, and then add the marshmallows.
  6. Add the mixture to the pan and spread it with a rubber scraper and top with chopped nuts, extra mallows etc.
  7. Refrigerate for 2 – 4 hours to set, cut into bars and dust with icing sugar to serve.


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