Vanilla Waffles with Honey Grilled Peaches

Vanilla Waffles with Honey Grilled Peaches

Vanilla Waffles with Honey Grilled Peaches

Hangover cure sorted.

Fluffy waffles, caramelised peaches and creamy Greek yoghurt are the perfect combination for a filling meal that totally satisfies your sugar cravings! This is super quick to make and the addition of caramelized fruit to your everyday waffles will be a special treat, yet it’s so easy to do.

I particularly like the combination of fresh peaches and vanilla, grilled to juicy perfection with a tiny burnt taste from the braised honey but many other fruit combination would be amazing. Butter glazed apples and cinnamon, pineapple with a touch of dark rum, sweet wine poached pears or grilled bananas, the list is endless!

Serves 4




For the waffles:

150g self raising flour
60g cornflour
50g brown sugar
1 heaped tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
160ml any type of milk
2 medium eggs

For the peaches:

4 peaches
2 tsp honey, plus extra for serving
100ml Greek Yoghurt


Preheat your waffle iron. Mine has a temperature scale of 1-6 and generally I use around 5 to gain a nice golden colour and just slightly cakey on the inside. If you prefer cakey I’ve found a good amount of spray oil and a high heat gives colour and texture.

Take your peaches and half them to remove the stone, then create 3 wedges from each half. Drizzle with honey and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl measure out and combine all the dry ingredients (self-raising flour, baking powder, salt, cornflour and sugar). In a measuring jug, measure first the milk, then add the eggs and vanilla. Whisk to froth and lighten the eggs and set aside.

Heat a heavy based frying pan on a high heat and spray with a light covering of oil. Add the sugared peach wedges and allow the sugar to caramelise and blacken. The high heat should caramelise them within a few minutes without the fruit losing shape/going mushy. Set aside while the waffles cook.

Green light from the waffle iron! Quickly combine the wet into the dry ingredients (don’t worry about some lumps) and bake in batches.

Serve immediately, smothered in hot peaches, any cooking liquid and an extra drizzle of honey with some thick Greek yoghurt on the side, delish!




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