Every cloud has a silver lining: Could there be benefits to climate change?

Great post encouraging sustainability in my local area!

Climate Conversations

In preparing, adapting, and trying to prevent dangerous climate change we could see lots of positive results in our lives and in society. Most of these will be people-powered. By getting involved, we can start taking back control of our lives, building links with others who are doing the same, and making sure politicians actually represent our wishes.

A lot of the changes we need to make will save us money, but more importantly these changes will be good for our families, our communities, and ourselves. Also, bear in mind that when we start to detox from greenhouse gases, we are also helping people in places where they are experiencing more extreme effects of climate change.

Better communities

Curb East Street

Photo: Curb at East Street Arts Festival

As more people become aware of climate change as an issue, they are starting to come together to take actions which make us more…

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