Southampton Half Marathon 2015

group half marathonA week ago I completed my first half marathon! It was an absolutely amazing experience with an electric atmosphere thanks to 6000 other runners and fantastic spectators. Despite a knee injury holding me back from mile one I finished in 2 hours and 6 minutes, having never run the distance before I can safely say the cheers, sponsorship and several jelly-babies were the things that got me across the line. But I’ve got to admit the smiles in the photo above are definitely fuelled by adrenaline and relief rather than any form of energy. Between the freezing cold wait at the start line and the many hills of the course circumnavigating Southampton, all reserves had been depleted and we were running on empty (especially Charlie who finished in a fantastic 1 hour 40).

The provided recovery drink was generally thrown down in disgust by most of the competitors, even after a half marathon the pink concoction had the taste and consistency of chalky milk. So, shortly after that photograph, limping to the nearest Starbucks for a large latte was the only thing on my mind. Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer on that day and to all who sponsored me in aid of Anthony Nolan, raising a total of £110, surpassing my original target 🙂


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