Baking Plans!

Well, not just baking this time. Variety is the spice of life, especially that of a student stuck in the dissertation rut. Most of us 3rd years trudge wearily to campus every morning to return again a little disheartened several hours later, dissertation and coursework still very much in the early stages. So unlike my previous posts sweet and savoury ideas are on the menu in this mouth-watering conglomeration of recipes I am dying to try; to procrastinate, chill out and enjoy. Pinterest and BBC Good Food are easily my favourite recipe muses at the moment. While Good Food gives a little more information and guidance, with easy recipe finding and metric measurements, Pinterest always lures me in with recipes from a while range of international sources and often beautiful photography. All of the recipes are sourced from these websites and the links to the original recipes can be found below, I can’t take any credit for any of them, but plan to try as many as I can in the coming semester.

1. Thai Baked Coconut Cheesecake with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves thai cheesecake (

2. Mixed Summer Berry Clafoutis pancake (

3. One-Tray Baked Cod Provençal baked fish (

4. Coffee and raspberry lava cakes with coffee caramel and milk chocolate lava cake#] (

5. Date, Banana and Rum Loaf datre (

6. Barley risotto with mushrooms, leeks and roasted garlic risotto (

7. Almond, custard & fig tart fig tart (

8. Better Beetroot Brownies beet brownies (

9. Cuban fish tacos with citrus mango slaw & chipotle lime crema. Cuban taco (

And since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching… 10. Milk chocolate soufflés with nougat whip chocolate-souffle (


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