It’s okay to take the day off.

Recently, I can safely say time has not been on my side and some of the more important aspects of uni life have gone to the way side, either that or I’ve sacrificed sleep to keep up.
Since the start of third year finding the hours to balance starting my dissertation, run a charity society, keep up with lecture material, have some semblance of a social life and get fitter has been tough to say the least and yesterday it all come to a head. Tiredness prevailed and the thought of packing other peoples shopping bags for a few pennies was just too much (Selfish I guess!). My friend gave me a pep talk, my boyfriend a reassuring hug and really that and sleep was all I needed. But I just wanted to say that anyone in thier penultimate year of Uni, it really is a tough one and be sure to sleep, eat well and find the time for yourself and the people you want to spend time with, it makes all the difference to both your mood and your studies.

Otherwise you just end up like these guys:

Ultimately, my best friend Emma says it far far better than I can, heres a link to her post:

“Remember you are wonderful, you are amazing, and you can do it, I promise.” E. Nelson 2014



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