Finally, some running!

I realised that given the subtitle of this blog I have really neglected the running part – something that really means a lot to me! Since starting my 3rd year at the University of Southampton a couple of weeks ago I have launched back into my previous running obsession despite a summer of relative laziness (hard to run in South Africa without the fear of a few lions mistaking you for a tasty meal).

The Athletics Union here has been a real motivation. A truly great and enthusiatic group of people, all with a common love of hitting the tarmac, the track or the trails while also loving a laugh getting completely drunk on a social at Jesters. Group runs occur every Monday, track Tuesday, weights Wednesday and hill Thursday, so it’s hard to find an excuse not to run! A;so one thing I’ve found though is the need for DECENT SHOESSS. Since investing in some Asics GT-2000s from my local outlet store (definitely couldn’t afford them full price!) I’ve noticed a significant improvement not only in my running and endurance, but in my knees and hips, which were beginning to feel the pain of several years of horse riding and now running.


Another motivator is definitely Park Run, a fantastic free 5K organised group run which occurs in most towns across the UK (and the world) at 9am every Saturday, come rain or shine. Signing up through their website gives every member a set of bar codes which are scanned at the end of each run so progress can be tracked each week. The combination of the group ethic and competitive streak, whether it be against yourself, a friend or a quiet sprinter that always pips you at the post, really drives me to get the most out of the short run.  The following link celebrates Park Run’s 10th birthday, stating that over 50,000 runners hit the UK parks and towns every saturday thanks to the organisation.

parkrun celebrates 10th anniversary

So, what’s next? With Marrow dying down a little after a crazy Fresher’s fortnight I’ve found more time to run, eat more sensibly and keep on top of my uni work so with increasing strength I have been researching local longer distance runs AND lowe and behold, Southampton will be hosting their first half marathon in April 2015!

Sign me up Scotty!!




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