Student Priorities – to study, run, bake or fundraise?

My first semester as a third year at the University of Southampton doesn’t start for a week and I’m already beginning to feel a little apprehensive of my proposed timetable. And that doesn’t refer to my literal lecture timetable, I’m more concerned for my general, ‘fitting everything in each day’ timetable! Realistically my dissertation has to be paramount this year and I must remain motivated but distractions are going to oh so hard to ignore!

I can’t complain, I’ve brought it all on myself but still, I think I might have to change the name of this blog to ‘To bake, organise, fundraise, exercise or study?’. I’m now the president of Southampton Marrow, a student branch of the fantastic charity Anthony Nolan, who fundraise and sign potential donors onto the bone marrow register to provide faster and more effective matches for the many thousands of people suffering with a blood cancer. My mum was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2008, underwent a bone marrow transplant then relapsed in 2011, but all is fine now partly thanks to ANolan, hence my involvement. Very rewarding but running a society is seriously time consuming, especially in the lead up to Fresher’s week, during which we try to advertise the society as much as possible.

peter 3

I also try to run when I can, originally I liked the gym, but realising I was much more an outdoorsy person I decided running was my thing and next April I’m hoping to run a half marathon with all proceeds going to Southampton Marrow. I live very near Southampton Common, a stunning SSSI site with a great 5K track running the perimeter so I visit whenever I can, especially in the mornings when the winter mist catches the morning sun.


So, as much as I post about baking it turns into my ultimate procrastination that I really don’t have time to do, but hey, sometimes need a little sugar and a cherry on top eh?


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